one hundred and crazy percent (derevko_child) wrote in reeddiamond,
one hundred and crazy percent

Franklin and Bash Season 4 episode titles

I wandered into the TNT website during my googling and found that they've already set up the episode playback thingamajig on their site (they even have episode stills but there's none of Reed, so...). Here are the episode titles under the cut

401. The Curse of Hor-Aha
402. Kershaw and Lincecum
403. Love is the Drug
404. Good Cop/Bad Cop
405. Deep Throat
406. Dance the Night Away
407. Honor Thy Mother
408. Falcon's Nest
409. Spirits in the Material World
410. Red or Black

The TNT website says that episode description will follow

The fourth season of Franklin and Bash premieres on August 13th on TNT at 10 PM
Tags: news, tv: franklin and bash
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