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Is it still July 20th in your part of the world? :D

We've got some extra special stuff under the cut!

The Year (July 20, 2011-July 20, 2012) in Review—Wardrobe Style
Review and commentary by: rogoblue picspam by: derevko_child

Rating: A 4-star scale with 4 being Dollhouse-esque and 1 being the brown phase of H:LotS
Franklin & Bash
(end of Season 1) From the man of the people outfit to the suit of the triumphant vanquishing of Tricia Helfer/Brett Caiman.

Damien Karp has potential, exudes just the right amount of vulnerability and exhibits a true gift for sarcasm, although his wardrobe could do with a little livening up.
The Mentalist.
Federal agent wear. Utterly unmemorable, part 1. Sorry CBI Agent Haffner.
(the one quarter stems from nothing being brown)
Desperate Housewives
The question going in was this:  Could the wardrobe even begin to make up for the inanity of the show?  The tie from date #2 and the button down shirt of the “I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to sleep with you” scene tried valiantly, only to fail.
You were right about Lynette, Greg.
Federal Agent wear.  Pardon me, FBI Special Agent wear.  Utterly unmemorable, part 2.

Hayes Flynn.  Flynn Hayes.  Heads up, Bones people, characters with names that can go either way should be dressed a bit better.
(the one quarter stems from nothing being brown)
The Glades. 
Politician wear. Nice, but uber conservative, as the politician character sadly requires.  Two Gregs in one year—just noticed that.  I salute this Greg for being able to keep his lies out of the media and have a successful political career for so long.
Franklin & Bash
(beginning of Season 2)Three cheers for dark colored shirts and the tie of awesome (black tie with several rows of white squares arranged on a diagonal across the middle section). Damien rises to the occasion whenever he’s given the opportunity (which isn’t often enough).
(can get closer to 4 with judicious addition of color)

And some fartsy Franklin and Bash-related things (I added in some of my old Dollhouse + one Hunger Games-inspired artsy things, to spice up the style :D)

Click for bigger

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